The Barba Family
at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia, 2019

A vivid life is our goal! We are a family of four taking a year to travel the world. We will eat, see, and experience as much as we can while we “worldschool” as a family. It’s already an amazing adventure!


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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, 2005 (PBarba)

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  • Nikko, Japan
    Nikko is a beautiful destination, with both natural and cultural reasons to visit. We are so glad we did!
  • Japanese Food
    In Japan we found it reasonably easy and cheap to eat real handmade food, prepared with pride, because there is a food culture that values doing things well. 
  • Tokyo, Japan
    We explored Tokyo and began to discover the unique Japanese culture that is both ultra-modern, and deeply traditional. 
  • Happy Mothers Day!
    Happy Mothers Day to all the women in our lives!
  • Disney Tokyo Resort, Japan
    All Disney fans should try to make a pilgrimage here if at all possible!
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Who said parents can’t be fun?


Favorite things on past travels (Scotland, Italy, England, Thailand, Croatia, California)

From July 2022 through July 2023 our family will be traveling the world!  Pete will be on “sabbatical” from his job as a doctor and medical leader.  Kate, Gwyn, and Drew will continue their homeschool journey, but this time with Dad as a professor and the world as our 6th grade classroom.

We will travel by plane, car, bus, boat, and foot.  The whole “sailing around the world” story is a myth based on a short-lived version of The Dream that started on a Napa wine tasting tour…and ended with modern pirate stories and ocean crossings.  Nope and nope.

What will we DO? Explore Vivid Earth! We know from our previous travels that we are all lovers of nature, food, and the arts. Our family is passionate about beautiful places and wildlife, so our photography and outdoor adventures will be a big focus. Drew’s goal is to document sunsets, and we all look forward to up-close looks at wildlife like penguins, elephants, and reindeer! We also plan to explore each region through its food, such as discovering the many global variations of pocket food (dumplings, empanadas, pita sandwich, tacos, etc). Gwyn’s personal mission to find the best hot chocolate out there! Finally, we believe that arts are a window into new cultures, and it’s something we really enjoy. We will seek out street performers, world-class museums, and as much theater and dance as we can. We will also explore middle school math…..because we have to. (Because its awesome! -Pete)

About Us

We’re a “normal” family… that dreams big!

What kind of people leave their lives to travel for a year?!?

Brave? Crazy? You decide!

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